A Hermeneutical Evaluation of the Christocentric Hermeneutic

How to study and teach the Bible are of utmost importance for a pastor. The Christocentric hermeneutic has proposed a modification to a grammatical-historical hermeneutical approach. This article maintains that such an alteration is not scripturally warranted and that the grammatical-historical method is not only justified by Scripture but also more than sufficient to discover the glories of Christ as perfectly presented in God’s Word. Accordingly, a Christ-centered ministry not only honors Christ in the pulpit by proclaiming Him but also in the study by handling His Word the way He demands.

From Old Testament Text to Sermon

From a practical standpoint, the issue of Christ-centered preaching is not about whether it is appropriate or acceptable to relate the content or principles found in OT texts to the person and work of Jesus Christ. It is fundamentally a question of whether every sermon needs to have Christ as the point of the message—regardless of the actual point of the text itself—in order to be true Christian preaching. This article seeks to demonstrate a number of biblically legitimate ways to preach the OT in a NT church context—thereby disproving the tenet that every message must have Christ as its point.

Christ-Centered Preaching: An Overview

This overview offers a survey of the contemporary Christ-Centered Preaching movement (hereafter CCP), focusing on its: (1) profile, (2) proponents, and (3) alleged proofs for acceptance. Next, the unintended improprieties of this phenomenon are discussed with attention devoted to: (1) an improper use of hermeneutics, (2) an improper view of God, and (3) an improper view of Scripture. Finally, because Christ-centered preaching practiced properly reflects actual New Testament preaching examples, major New Testament emphases are explored. In conclusion, seven identifying characteristics of a biblically-directed, Christ-centered preacher are de- scribed.

Israel’s Repentance and the Kingdom of God

The exact timing of Jesus’ return and the kingdom of God is known only to God. Yet in His sovereignty God has determined that the return of Jesus the Messiah is closely linked with the repentance of national Israel. This article examines both Old and New Testament texts that reveal a close connection between Israel’s repentance and the coming kingdom of God.

This Just In: David’s Victory over Goliath Was Not an Upset!

The story of David and Goliath is perhaps the most famous of any of the biblical narratives, used throughout the world in both religious and secular circles anytime an underdog defeats a heavily favored champion. There is only one problem with this interpretation: the Bible clearly shows that David defeating Goliath was anything but an upset.