Online courses from the Institute for Church Leadership provide lay people in local churches with training for ministry. This allows everyone around the world to experience a little bit of what The Master’s Seminary offers in the classroom.

The duty to be theologians is common to all of us. The difference between laymen and ministers is not of kind, but of degree. The Bible was given to all the church and it is the responsibility of all Christians to know God’s Word in order to be a faithful servant to their King.

Whether you have time-tested experience in ministry or have yet to begin, the Institute for Church Leadership will provide the rigor and refreshment needed to help you continue laboring for the Lord.

The program gives you the freedom to digest the material at your own pace at a low cost. Whether taking courses individually or in a group led by your pastor, you will enjoy teaching that is sound in theology and reflects a biblical philosophy of ministry.

ICL Certificate Tracks

We are excited to announce the launch of certificate tracks which allow learners to earn a certificate of completion after finishing a series of courses. To help cultivate well-rounded knowledge of a specific discipline, each track will provide a roadmap of courses to choose from. Our first certificate is the Bible Knowledge Certificate which can be earned by taking any 4 courses offered in this category.

Certificates in sound doctrine, shepherding care, and Christian living will be available soon. Those who complete each of the certificate tracks will be awarded the Church Leadership Advanced Certificate, the highest level of achievement in ICL.