With the publication of Biblical Doctrine, we asked Dr. John MacArthur for his perspective on what this volume is all about and why it is so important.

Why do we need a new systematic theology?

John MacArthur: In order to answer that question, it is first necessary to explain that Biblical Doctrine does not contain new theology. If your theology is grounded in biblical truth and historical conviction, the result is not something new or innovative. Rather, it is the articulation and affirmation of historic and biblical orthodoxy. In that sense then, Biblical Doctrine does not represent something new. Having said that, it was important to produce a volume of systematic theology that reflected the doctrinal convictions of The Master’s Seminary. At the seminary, our desire is to train as many church leaders in sound doctrine as we can. This volume provides another means by which we can accomplish that goal.

What is different or unique about this systematic theology?

John MacArthur: There have been many wonderful theologies written by men in the Reformed tradition, going back to John Calvin’s Institutes of the Christian Religion. But when those works touch on the issue of eschatology, if they deal with it at all, they generally assert an amillennial eschatology. In order to do that, they have to abandon a literal hermeneutic when interpreting biblical prophecy. So, we were compelled to publish a work in which a consistent interpretative method was applied to all that Scripture teaches—whether it be passages about election and redemption, or passages about the millennial kingdom and the future of Israel.

How does this systematic theology represent the views of the seminary and its faculty?

John MacArthur: It was a joy to partner with members of the seminary faculty on this volume. One of the distinctives of The Master’s Seminary is the doctrinal unity that characterizes the men who teach here. They share the same foundational convictions, and that unity is reflected in the classroom. As students go from class to class, they hear biblical truth emphasized in a way that is clear and consistent. That same unity is reflected in this volume.

Biblical Doctrine is an invaluable resource for seminarians, pastors, and lay people alike. The book is available for purchase at gracebooks.com

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