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“We want to be ground zero for Bible translation,” announced Dr. John MacArthur, President of The Master’s Seminary.   In March 2018, Dr. MacArthur officially launched the Tyndale Center for Bible Translation at The Master’s Seminary.

The academic programs at The Master’s Seminary are designed to train students to faithfully exegete and exposit the text of Scripture.  The Tyndale Center is a natural overflow of this commitment.  Dr. MacArthur stated, “You can’t believe what we believe about the Bible and not be given to this task [of Bible translation].”

The Master’s Seminary is excited to announce another step forward for the seminary and the Tyndale Center—The Tyndale Center Scholarship.

This new scholarship provides outstanding students emphasizing in translation with a tuition-free seminary education.  The aim is to enable the most qualified students to finish seminary without financial burdens that might hinder them from faithfully serving the Lord in the ministry of Bible translation.

The Tyndale Center Scholarship provides full tuition and fees for incoming and current students in the M.Div. program at the L.A. campus.  The scholarship will be tenable for up to four years, depending on suitable academic progress.“We want to be ground zero for Bible translation.”

This scholarship is intended for students with a significant aptitude for the ministry of Bible translation.  Candidates should have proven ability in language study and evidence of their commitment to this critical ministry. Applicants will be considered on the basis of proven character, ministry experience, potential impact, and academic excellence.

The Tyndale Center for Bible Translation provides training in Bible translation at The Master’s Seminary within the context of the Master of Divinity program.  Unique to this program is its commitment to integrating theology, biblical languages, and translation studies, all within a seminary context.  This focus ensures that students receive a solid foundation to thrive in ministry.

If you are interested in the Tyndale Center Scholarship, please carefully review the scholarship application. To learn more, contact the Office of Admissions by email or by phone at 818-909-5624.

“We want to train up a generation of translators who, like William Tyndale, has a scholar’s mind, a translator’s eye, and a pastor’s heart.  The greatest need in Bible translation isn’t translations but translators. Our goal is to train a generation committed to Christ and His word,” said Dr. Aaron Shryock, Director of the Tyndale Center for Bible Translation.

Jack Smith

Jack Smith

J. Jack Smith works with The Master’s Academy International and assists Dr. Shryock at the Tyndale Center for Bible Translation. He completed a B.A. in English at California State University, Stanislaus and is currently in the M.Div. program at The Master’s Seminary.

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