The Master’s Seminary offers graduate-level biblical, theological, and professional education designed to equip men for effectiveness in local church ministry

Fully Equipped

Designed to produce a well-rounded pastor and preacher, the Master of Divinity program prepares you to handle God’s Word precisely and shepherd God’s people effectively​.

Pastor as Theologian

A focused opportunity in biblical scholarship, the Master of Theology (Th.M.) program equips you for leadership in pastoral ministry, pastoral training, and academia.

Preaching Refined

The Doctor of Ministry in Expository Preaching is a modular program designed to refine the faithful pastor’s ability to teach and preach the Word of God.

Faithful Scholarship

For those called to professorship and theological writing, the Doctor of Philosophy program equips Pastor-Scholars for faithful scholarship in biblical and theological studies.

Special Programs

The Bachelor of Theology and Diploma of Theology programs provide the same broad biblical, theological, and practical foundation for ministry as the Master of Divinity program, but are designed for those without undergraduate degrees.

Spanish Programs

The Master’s Seminary equips Spanish-speaking leaders for ministry through the Master of Biblical Ministry, Spanish-English Hybrid Master of Divinity, and The Expositor’s Institute.

Equip for Ministry at a Distance

Distance Education at The Master’s Seminary brings the quality of the Master of Divinity program to local churches around the United States. The hybrid learning approach enables students to maximize the educational impact of every class, and ensures that the excellence of the M.Div. curriculum retains its fullest integrity.

Learn to Study Scripture in the Original Languages

When it comes to the care of souls, the question is not “How quickly and easily can I prepare?” but “How much training do I need to be fully equipped? That is why our Master of Divinity program requires twice the units of other programs and devotes 10% of its curriculum to the study of the Bible in the original languages.

Download this free resource on learning the biblical languages in the Master of Divinity program.

All Roads Lead to the Pulpit

The Master’s Seminary exists to produce preachers—to train men who will spend their lives preaching the mind of God and caring for His people. We train men not only to learn well, but to love well. We prioritize both the head and the heart, for a disqualified life is a disregarded calling. Therefore, in every course in the M.Div. program, all roads lead to the pulpit.

The Center for Israeli Studies supports the work of the church in Israel through scholarships, theological resources, and trips to the Holy Land.

The Tyndale Center for Bible Translation advances the translation of the Bible into the world’s languages for the sake of the gospel.

A United Faculty of Pastor-Theologians

John MacArthur

Pastoral Ministries

Steve Lawson

Expository Preaching

Brad Klassen

Bible Exposition

Iosif J. Zhakevich

Old Testament

Mark Zhakevich

New Testament