Be A Pastor-Translator

The Tyndale Center is committed to training pastor-translators. We combine theology, biblical languages, and translation studies in a single degree through the translation emphasis in the Master of Divinity program.

The Great Need For Translators

The Tyndale Center views translation and the ministry of the word as essential to church planting and strengthening. With this perspective on the task, the center seeks to raise awareness of three major areas of need in Bible translation.

1 Translate

The greatest need is for Scripture in the over 1,636 languages without any work in progress. Another 2,584 languages have some work in progress, but still are waiting for a finished translation. These languages groups often lack a church as well.

2 Complete

The second area of need is the 1,521 languages with only a New Testament. Many of these communities look forward to the day when they will have a complete Bible. These language groups need a translator specialized in Hebrew and Old Testament.

3 Revise

Finally, the complete Bible has been translated in 670 of the world’s approximately 7,000 languages. Nonetheless, these translations need to be revised on a regular basis. Many churches have an older translation that requires revision so that pastors can teach accurately and believers can grow in maturity.

Tyndale Center Courses

Introduction to Bible Translation

Semantics for Exegesis and Translation

Grammatical Analysis in Translation

Text Linguistics in Translation

Theory and Practice of Bible Translation

Field Methods and Linguistic Analysis I

Field Methods and Linguistic Analysis II

Translation Emphasis

The Tyndale Center courses are an emphasis in the Master of Divinity curriculum which is a basic three-year program in graduate theological education. The M.Div. program is designed to provide a broad biblical, theological, and practical foundation for those entering pastoral ministry whether home or abroad.

Should we not translate for God's glory, with a humility that reveals His greatness, and a theological depth that lifts Christ and His word to their rightful heights?

Aaron Shryock