Who We Are

Our Purpose

The Tyndale Center for Bible Translation provides training in Bible translation at The Master’s Seminary within the context of the Master of Divinity program. Outside the classroom, the center seeks to raise awareness of the pressing need for translation and to serve as a resource for the global church.


We recognize the ministry of Bible translation as a means of giving glory to Christ by equipping the church to fulfill the Great Commission. Christ’s command to make disciples of all nations and to teach them all that he has commanded requires that believers have access to God’s word in their own language.

Seminary Context

We are unique in our commitment to integrating theology, biblical languages, and translation studies, all within a seminary context. This focus ensures that students receive the well-rounded training they need to thrive in ministry.

Personal Holiness

Central to the Tyndale Center and The Master’s Seminary is the mission to train men to be spiritually qualified leaders. Special emphasis is thus given to personal holiness, the authority of Scripture, local church ministry, and taking the gospel to the nations.

Meet the Director

Dr. Aaron M. Shryock serves as Director of the Tyndale Center for Bible Translation at The Master’s Seminary. Dr. Shryock has an M.Div. from The Master’s Seminary and a M.A. and Ph.D. in linguistics from the University of California, Los Angeles. Before launching the center, Dr. Shryock was involved in linguistic research and translation work in West Africa.

Dr. Robert L. Thomas Memorial Lecture

In honor of the late Dr. Robert L. Thomas (1928-2017), the Tyndale Center hosts an annual memorial lecture on the topic of Bible translation every September. The Dr. Robert L. Thomas Memorial Lecture provides an occasion to remember Dr. Thomas’ contributions, as well as to challenge the next generation of pastors and theologians to invest in the ministry of Bible translation.