Full-Time Residential Scholarship

The Full-Time Residential Scholarship is a cost-of-living subsidy for all full-time Master of Divinity students at the Los Angeles campus

The scholarship awards $155 per unit, bringing the cost of tuition down from $450 to $295 per unit.

That amounts to $15,000 in savings over the course of the M.Div. program.

Students must take 11+ units to qualify as full-time.

Master of Divinity and Bachelor of Theology students are eligible to receive the scholarship.

Students must complete the Financial Aid Application and Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy to receive the scholarship.

Invest in Your Calling

Seminary is a sacrifice that requires your time, energy, and resources. But if the Lord who feeds the sparrows and clothes the lilies has called you to this training, will he not also provide the means for you to do it? The investment you make in your preparation will pay ministerial dividends for a lifetime. 


per unit with the Full-Time Residential Scholarship


per semester as a full-time student (11 units or more)


per semester as a part-time student (10 units or less; $480 per unit)

What makes the TMS Master of Divinity a unique theological degree?

The curriculum and the location.

When it comes to the care of souls, the question is not “How quickly and easily can I prepare?” but “How much training do I need to be fully equipped? That is why our curriculum requires twice the units of other programs and emphasizes the original languages. And because pastors need to care for souls in a place of souls, our full M.Div. is a residential program, located on the campus of Grace Community Church.

  • 10 Language Courses
  • 7 Bible Courses
  • 6 Theology Courses
  • 6 Ministry Courses
  • 5 Preaching Courses
  • 5 Elective Courses

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