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The decision to pursue seminary training requires the whole-hearted investment of husband and wife. As your God-given helpmate, your wife’s opinion is the most important factor when considering pastoral training

Testimonies of Faithfulness

from The Master's Seminary Wives

Many Seminary Wives were hesitant to uproot their lives for pastoral training.

Can we afford Los Angeles?  Can our marriage handle seminary? Do I have what it takes to be a pastor’s wife?

But when they stepped out in faith with their husbands—leaving behind family, friends, and careers for the sake of gospel ministry—they found themselves in a unique season of life filled with the blessings of God’s provision, spiritual growth, and preparation for life as a pastor’s wife.

At TMS, seminary is a time of training for wives as well as husbands. This season brings its own set of challenges that will test your marriage and prepare you both for the demands of  full-time ministry. During this season, we take every opportunity to care for your wife and equip her for a lifetime of ministry at your side.

Lead by the wives of our faculty, pastors, and Grace Community Church elders, the Seminary Wives Discipleship program is a ministry for our students’ wives. The program hosts semesterly workshops on topics such as the role of a pastor’s wife, biblical parenting, and marriage in ministry. Seminary Wives Discipleship provides Sem Wives the opportunity to develop friendships, fellowship together, and learn from the women in leadership.

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Seminary Wives also attend Every Woman’s Grace (EWG) together. Every Woman’s Grace is a weekly Bible study at Grace Community Church designed to fulfill the biblical mandate of Titus 2 through the teaching of God’s Word, daily lessons focused on specific texts in Scripture, and fellowship and accountability with other women. Sem Wives may choose to attend the morning or evening study. Childcare is provided during both sessions.

Investing in a fellowship group is one of the best ways to get involved at Grace Community Church. Fellowship groups are the smaller ministries where people worship together on a personal level. Most groups break into smaller Bible studies that meet during the week. This is where many seminary families meet their church family and find opportunities to serve and be served on a weekly basis.

Sem Wives are encouraged to attend seminary classes with their husbands, for free. They also have the opportunity to enroll in online courses at the Institute for Church Leadership, attend Grace Equip courses at Grace Church, and pursue ACBC Biblical Counseling Certification. The Master’s University also offers a Master of Arts in Biblical Counseling.

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