The Institute for Church Leadership supports pastors in the training of their leaders through an online certificate program that promotes sound doctrine and a biblical philosophy of ministry

Online Lay Training for the Local Church

The duty to be theologians is common to all of us. The difference between lay men and ministers is the difference not of kind but of degree, for the Bible was given to all the church. It is the responsibility of all Christians to know God’s Word in order to be His faithful servants.

Though primarily designed as a resource for pastors to train their lay-leaders in an online, group setting, ICL is also an ideal format for small group and individual study for both men and women. 

Students have the ability to progress through course lessons at their own pace and can indefinitely access course content in their ICL libraries.

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Available Courses

  • Old Testament Survey I with Dr. Abner Chou
  • Old Testament Survey II with Dr. Abner Chou
  • New Testament Survey I with Professor Paul Twiss
  • New Testament Survey II with Professor Paul Twiss
  • Hermeneutics with Dr. Abner Chou
  • Biblical Manhood and Womanhood with Dr. John Street
  • The Practice of Prayer with Dr. Brad Klassen
  • Biblical Eldership with the Grace Community Church Elders
  • Stewardship and Productivity with Reagan Rose
  • Shepherding Leadership with Professor Harry Walls
  • Church Membership with Dr. Bryan Murphy
  • Biblical Reconciliation with Dr. John Street
  • Outreach and Missions with Chad Vegas
  • The Reformation with Dr. Nathan Busenitz
  • Doctrine of Salvation with Professor Michael Riccardi
  • Eschatology with Dr. Michael Vlach
  • Doctrine of God and the Decrees with Dr. Peter Sammons
  • The Life of Christ Dr. Kevin Zuber
  • Corporate Worship and the Psalms with Phil Webb, Matt Boswell, Tom Pennington. Ligon Duncan, Kevin Twit, Bob Kauflin, Steve Lawson, and more


  • Curriculum: Derived from the biblical qualifications and characteristics of eldership, students may choose from courses on Christian Character, Bible Knowledge, Sound Doctrine, and Shepherding Care. Each course includes lectures, reading, quizzes, and group discussion.
  • Certificate Tracks: Certificates are awarded upon completion of four courses in the above categories.
  • Lecturers: Courses are taught by faculty at The Master’s University and Seminary, TMS alumni, the Grace Community Church eldership, other trusted teachers.
  • Cost: Each course costs $70 per person.
  • Format: Whether you’re learning as an individual or as part of a group, you can progress through the 10 lessons of each course at your own pace and enjoy the content of the course in your ICL library indefinitely.
  • Getting Started: Before you start your first course, familiarize yourself with the ICL platform by taking the free Student Guide course and, if you’re planning to lead a group, the free Leader Guide course.