Institute for Church Leadership Certificate Tracks

Earn certificates by completing any four courses in a single category.

  • Hermeneutics | Dr. Abner Chou
  • Old Testament 1 | Dr. Abner Chou
  • Old Testament 2 | Dr. Abner Chou
  • New Testament 1 | Professor Paul Twiss
  • New Testament 2 | Professor Paul Twiss

Browse Bible Knowledge Courses

  • Biblical Manhood and Womanhood | Dr. John Street
  • The Practice of Prayer | Dr. Brad Klassen
  • Biblical Eldership | Grace Community Church Elders
  • Stewardship and Productivity | Reagan Rose

Browse Christian Living Courses

  • Shepherding Leadership | Professor Harry Walls
  • Church Membership | Dr. Bryan Murphy
  • Biblical Reconciliation | Dr. John Street
  • Outreach and Missions | Chad Vegas

Browse Shepherding Care Courses

  • The Reformation | Dr. Nathan Busenitz
  • Doctrine of Salvation | Professor Michael Riccardi
  • Eschatology | Dr. Michael Vlach
  • Doctrine of God and the Decrees | Dr. Peter Sammons
  • The Life of Christ | Dr. Kevin Zuber

Browse Sound Doctrine Courses

Earn the Bible Knowledge, Christian Living, Shepherding Care, and Sound Doctrine certificates and receive the Church Leadership Advanced Certificate. This is the highest level of achievement at ICL.

Certificates issued by the Institute for Church Leadership are certificates of completion only and do not imply any endorsement relating to aptitude, calling, character, etc. by The Master’s Seminary.

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