First Tyndale Scholarship Awarded

The Master’s Seminary recently awarded the first Tyndale Center Scholarship to Ted Liu (pictured above), an M.Div. student from Torrance, CA. Ted and his wife Helen have four children: Evan, Micah, Jonah, and Naomi.

Ted was awarded the scholarship because he exhibited significant aptitude for the ministry of Bible translation. Prior to enrolling at The Master’s Seminary, Ted completed a B.A. in linguistics and a M.S. in computer science at UCLA.

Yet it was not his academic training that motivated him to pursue translation. Through the teaching of the Word of God and discipleship by faithful Bible study leaders, a growing love for God’s Word was cultivated in Ted’s heart.  As he started teaching in his Bible study, a desire to serve Christ in some way also grew.  It was then that he thought about the potential for using his background in the ministry of Bible translation.

Reflecting on his seminary education and the Tyndale Scholarship, Ted shared, “In and of myself, I am in no way qualified, but it is only by the grace of God that I am here.”

The Tyndale Center Scholarship is the newest scholarship offered by The Master’s Seminary. This scholarship provides outstanding students in the M.Div. program at the L.A. campus with full tuition and fees. It is also tenable for up to four years, depending on suitable academic progress.

This scholarship was created with the aim of enabling the most qualified students to study at the Tyndale Center for Bible Translation and finish The Master’s Seminary without financial burdens that might hinder them from faithfully serving the Lord in the ministry of Bible translation.

The greatest need is not translations, but translators

Ted is one of a growing number of students at The Master’s Seminary who are studying with Dr. Aaron Shryock, director of the Tyndale Center for Bible Translation.

The Tyndale Center provides training in Bible translation within the context of the Master of Divinity program at The Master’s Seminary.  Unique to this program is its commitment to integrating theology, biblical languages, and translation studies, all within a seminary context.  This focus ensures that students receive a solid foundation to thrive in this vital ministry.

“We want to train up a generation of translators who, like William Tyndale, has a scholar’s mind, a translator’s eye, and a pastor’s resolve,” said Dr. Aaron Shryock.

“As I have surveyed the ministry of Bible translation, I’ve concluded that the greatest need is not translations, but translators,” added Dr. Shryock. “And I’m confident that Ted will be one of those faithful servants who makes a significant contribution to the Kingdom through this vital ministry of the Word.”

Aaron Shryock

Aaron Shryock

Dr. Aaron Shryock serves as the Director of the Tyndale Center for Bible Translation at the Master's Seminary. Prior to joining TMS faculty, Dr. Shryock spent several years in Africa involved in linguistic research, lexicography, and translation.


B.A., Indiana University M.Div., The Master’s Seminary M.A., University of California Los Angeles Ph.D., University of California Los Angeles


Introduction to Bible Translation Theory and Practice of Translation Semantics for Exegesis and Translation Grammatical Analysis in Translation

Church Ministry

Dr. Shryock serves as a bible study shepherd to the Joint Heirs fellowship group at Grace Community Church in Los Angeles, CA.

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