Producing Preachers

The Master's Seminary trains men for pastoral ministry—to preach the Word of God, reach the world for Christ, and teach others to do the same

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The Call to Ministry

To Those Who Aspire: A Guide to Thinking Well About the Call to Ministry

Now, more than ever, the local church must come together to raise up the faithful men Paul was speaking of in 2 Timothy 2:2. Now is the time to entrust the truth to the next generation.

— John MacArthur

Reflections on Theological Training

H.B. Charles, Jr. | June, 2 2020

Here are several helpful hints to consider as you prayerfully determine what training options and opportunities are best for you.

Popular Topics

Handling Scripture

Before a man may ever stand behind a pulpit, he must learn to handle the Word of God well.

Suffering Well

When there is nothing left and we are at the end of our rope, where can we look for hope?

Reformed Practical Theology

How can our knowledge of and affection for Christ flow into every corner of our lives?