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TMS has always emphasized the connection between seminary education and practical ministry experience at a local church. Students enrolled in the Mentor Model program can complete their seminary education entirely at their home church under the supervision of their pastor mentor.

Frequent Questions

Who can apply to the MM program?

Students who wish to apply for the MM program will undergo the same admission requirements as distance location and TMS: LA students. In addition, a student must apply alongside of his pastor mentor. The pastor mentor should be a TMS graduate with at least 3 years of ministry experience.  The pastor mentor must also be currently engaged in full time ministry. Based on the curriculum provided to him by TMS, the mentor will guide the student through eight pastoral ministry semester courses over the program. Those students who wish to apply for the MM program must apply alongside of their mentor.

What distinguishes the MM program from the Distance Locations?

The MM program is completed in conjunction with one’s local church and mentor.  This allows the student to remain at his local church and in their local ministry.  The distance locations, similar to the LA campus, act as centers for student learning.  The distance locations have a strong connection to the TMS faculty, with intensive onsite courses being offered by the TMS faculty on a regular basis.  In addition, each distance location provides a fellowship among students which is difficult to replicate without being onsite at a distance location or the LA campus.  The MM program has been designed to meet the needs of those students who are not able to relocate.  However, when able, new students are encouraged to move to a distance location or to the LA campus to take full advantage of the fellowship and academic opportunities offered.

Can currently enrolled students switch to the MM program?

Yes, students who are currently enrolled may switch to the MM program provided they meet all of the admission requirements (i.e. applying alongside of their pastor mentor).  The units that they have already taken at TMS all transfer directly into the MM program.

What about students who do not have a TMS grad mentor as an option?

The MM program is designed for those students who are currently involved in ministry in a local church pastored by a TMS graduate.  This allows the student to minister alongside his mentor in order to demonstrate his capacity and gifting for ministry.  However, those students who wish to apply for the MM program who do not have the option of a TMS pastor mentor are still encouraged to contact the admissions department.

Can a student apply alongside of a pastor mentor who is not a TMS graduate?

Students who are involved in ministry alongside a pastor who is willing to be their mentor, but who is not a TMS graduate, are encouraged to contact the admissions team.  Each mentor will make application alongside of their mentee in order to ensure their adherence to the TMS doctrinal statement.  While the MM program is designed with TMS graduates in mind, pastors who meet the necessary qualification may be mentors, even if they have not graduated from TMS previously.


The MM program is a four-year program.  Students in the MM program will complete eight mentored pastoral ministry courses over their degree, one PM course each semester.  See below for an outline of the curriculum and schedule.  The MM curriculum has pre-determined electives which cannot be changed,

Course Number Course Title Units
BI501 OT Studies I 3
BI502 OT Studies II 3
BI505 Hermeneutics 3
BI601 NT Studies 3
BI673 The NT and its World (Required) 2
BI701 Ordination Preparation 2
BI705 Adv. Hermeneutics 2
OT503 Hebrew Grammar I 3
OT504 Hebrew Grammar II 3
OT603 Hebrew Exegesis (Required) 3
OT796 OT Introduction 3
OT— Hebrew Exegesis Elective 2
NT501 Beginning Greek I 2
NT502 Beginning Greek II 2
NT603 Greek Exegesis I 3
NT604 Greek Exegesis II 3
NT796 NT Introduction 3
NT— Greek Exegesis Elective (Required) 2
PM501 Fund of Exp Preaching 1
PM505 Grammar/Research/Writing 2
PM511A Foundations of Pastoral Ministry (Mentored) 2
PM765 Pastoral Counseling (Mentored) 3
PM514 Prayer and the Pastor (Mentored) 2
PM601 History of Exp Preaching 1
PM602 Expository Preaching Mechanics (Mentored) 2
PM604 Expository Preaching Workshop (Mentored) 3
PM703 Expository Preaching Lab (Mentored) 3
PM712 Practice of Pastoral Ministry (Mentored) 3
PM768 Marriage and Family Counseling (Mentored) 2
TH507 Historical Theology I 3
TH508 Historical Theology II 3
TH602 Apologetics and Evangelism 3
TH605 Theology I 3
TH606 Theology II 3
TH705 Theology III 3
TH706 Theology IV 3
TH786 Charismatic Theology 2
TH778 Theology of Missions 2
Elective General Elective 2
Total Units 98


*Note that PM768 is both a required elective and a mentored class.

In addition, Hebrew and Greek exegesis electives are required.  Both Hebrew and Greek Readings will be offered as regularly scheduled courses alongside additional, rotating language electives such as OT763 – Exegesis of Job.

Recommended Schedule

Year One Year Two Year Three Year Four
1st Semester 3rd Semester 5th Semester 7th Semester
Mentored PM511A 2 PM602 2 PM703 3 PM768 2
NT501 2 NT603 3 NT— 2 OT— 2
BI501 3 TH508 3 OT504 3 BI701 2
PM505 2 BI601 3 TH606 3 TH706 3
BI505 3 BI673 2 BI705 2
Total Credits 12 13 13 11 49
2nd Semester 4th Semester 6th Semester 8th Semester
Mentored PM514 2 PM604 3 PM765 3 PM712 3
NT502 2 NT604 3 NT796 3 OT796 3
BI502 3 OT503 3 OT603 3 TH778 2
PM501 1 TH605 3 TH705 3 TH602 3
TH786 2 PM601 1 Elective 2
TH507 3
Total Credits 12 12 12 13 49


This is a recommended completion plan for the MM program.  Students are required to take the mentored classes in order, and students are to take no more than one mentored class each semester.  Students are also able to take advantage of the eight-week summer and six-week winter terms to help spread out their coursework over the entire year.  The following courses will be available each winter and/or summer term:


Course Number Course Title Units Course Offering
BI501 OT Studies I 3 Summer & Winter
BI502 OT Studies II 3 Summer & Winter
BI601 NT Studies 3 Summer & Winter
BI673 The NT and its World 2 Summer & Winter
PM501 Fund of Exp Preaching 1 Summer & Winter
PM505 Grammar/Research/Writing 2 Summer & Winter
PM601 History of Exp Preaching 1 Summer & Winter
TH507 Historical Theology I 3 Summer & Winter
TH508 Historical Theology II 3 Summer & Winter
TH602 Apologetics and Evangelism 3 Summer & Winter
TH786 Charismatic Theology 2 Summer & Winter
TH778 Theology of Missions 2 Summer & Winter
BI505 Hermeneutics 3 Summer
BI701 Ordination Preparation 2 Summer
BI705 Adv. Hermeneutics 2 Summer
OT796 OT Introduction 3 Summer
NT796 NT Introduction 3 Summer