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Ballou, John (added December 2018)
Benfanti, Alexander (added May 2022)
Benson, Andy (added January 2023)
Bohnen, CJ (added January 2023)
Bovino, Marco (added January 2022)
Chau, Dickson (added January 2023)
Chen, Jack (added January 2023)
Chenette, Jean-Paul (added November 2018)
Colson, Caden (added January 2023)
Divelbiss, Joseph  (added December 2020)
Duong, Quang (added December 2018)
Easton, Keith (added November 2018)
Fast, John (added November 2018)
Feland, Justin (added October 2021)
Florita, Cyril (added August 2022)
Gatdula, Steven (added December 2018)
Giesbrecht, Nathan (added August 2022)
Glomski, Nathan (added September 2021)
Griesemer, Gregory (added December 2018)
Gonzales, Lennie  (added May 2021)
Hall, Kevin (added June 2021)
Hargrove, Beaux (added January 2023)
Hass, Tommy (added January 2023)
Held, Paul (added June 2021)
Herb, Benjamin (added January 2023)
Hernandez, Kempiz (added October 2021)
Hinojosa, Victor (added February 2022)
Holt, James (added August 2022)
Holt, Taylor (added January 2023) 
Howard, Gary (added December 2018)
Hwang, Jabez (added November 2020)
Iglesia, Romano (added August 2022)
Jackson, Jonathan (added November 2018)
James, Brian (added January 2023)
Jesuroga, Jason (added May 2023)
Khang, Ku (Added January 2022)
Kim, Andrew (added December 2018)
Kim, Dorian (added February 2022)
Kornoff, Josh (added May 2021)
Ko, James (added March 2022)
Lambin, Jeff (added September 2021)
Lombardi, Chris (added November 2018)
Lueking, Tim (added May 2020)
Males, Roman (added April 2023)
Martens, Frank (added May 2021)
Martinez, Adrian (added September 2021)
Megee, Max (added August 2022)
Mel, Zephaniah (added June 2021)
Museler, Stephan (added August 2022)
Ng, Matt (added August 2020)
Nguyen, Dat (added January 2021)
Nguyen, Jason (added August 2022) 
Nix, Richard (added December 2018)
Noorthoek, Eric (added January 2021)
Park, Jun Sung (added January 2023)
Patton Benjamin (added January 2023)
Revely, Spencer (added August 2022)
Reynolds, Garret (added January 2023)
Riley, Terry (added November 2018)
Rios, Joseph  (added March 2022)
Robinson, DeLayno (added November 2018)
Rogers, Austin (added November 2021)
Sanderson, Will (added August 2021)
Schweitzer, Mark (added November 2018)
Stebbins, Joshua (added January 2022)
Thomson, John (added January 2023)
Varghese, David (added January 2023)
Venter, Des (added June 2022)
Vereen, John (added January 2023)
Weary, Antonio (added June 2022)
Weyker, Max (added January 2022)
Willoughby, Rodney (added April 2023)
Wolin, Jason (added May 2023)
Wolf, Ryan (added January 2023)
Yi, Isaac (added August 2022)
Yulius, Aristo (added January 2023)
Zu, Shihong (added May 2021)