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How to Search for a Journal

Local Notes

Each record for articles from The Master’s Seminary Journal have a Local Note with the volume number, year, Spring or Fall issue, and “TMSJ article” to make searching for all the articles in the journal or articles from specific years or issues possible. For example: “TMSJ article. 1 Fall 1990” and “TMSJ article. 1 Spring 1990”.

Simple Search

If you search for “TMSJ 1 spring” in the “Simple Search” box (the default search box), you will get all the articles for the Spring issue of the first volume (plus more resources because this is a Keyword Search which searches the whole record for those terms).

For all the articles in TMSJ written by a specific author, search on TMSJ and the author’s last name.  For example, “TMSJ Rosscup” will give you all the articles Dr. Jim Rosscup wrote in TMSJ.

Advanced Search

To get just the articles from the TMS Journal, click on “Advanced Search” to the right of the “Simple Search” box.  Click on “Any field” and scroll down to “Local Notes” and choose that option.   If you search for TMSJ 1 spring you will get 4 results instead of 18 or more, and all of them will be articles from TMSJ.

To limit the search to only articles written by a specific author in the “Advanced Search,” go down to the second line and choose Author/Creator on “Any field” and put in the author’s last name.

Search Examples


  • “TMSJ 1 spring” —  all the articles from the first volume, Spring issue
  • “TMSJ 1990 spring” — all the articles from the 1990 (first) volume, Spring issue
  • “TMSJ Rosscup” — all the articles in TMS Journal written by Dr. Jim Rosscup