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Statement of Purpose

When men graduate from TMS, they not only earn a degree. They gain a reputation. Around the world, masters men are known for expository preaching and biblical ministry. People trust our graduates and want to attend churches pastored by a Master's Man. For years, people called the seminary office and asked us to recommend a church in their area. The volume of calls became impossible for our staff to handle. Plus, our staff were put in the unenviable position of endorsing ministries that they knew little about. To relieve our staff of the impossible workload and the responsibility of judging the health of churches they’d never attended, we created the Find a Church page at tms.edu. Today, it is the most visited page on our website. We are grateful for the many providential introductions this page has made. We regularly hear from people who recently moved, and, because of the Find a Church page, were able to find a faithful church in their new community.

How does a church become part of the Church Finder?

  • The church must have a TMS alumni on its pastoral staff.
  • The church must adhere to the historical, evangelical Christian faith in doctrine or practice.

Does The Master’s Seminary endorse every church on this page?

No. TMS cannot endorse every ministry because our leadership cannot visit every church and evaluate the health of each ministry. This page is not an endorsement. It’s a reference point. We are pointing the general public to churches where our alumni serve.

What if I have doctrinal or practical concerns with a church on this page?

You are welcome to contact us through the website. When you fill out the contact form, let us know about your concerns and we will evaluate them. Please include a link to the church’s doctrinal statement.

What if a TMS graduate leaves a church and that church no longer has one of our alumni serving at it?

When our alumni change ministry positions, we ask them to notify us so we can update their contact information and the Find a Church page. That’s the most effective way to keep this page up to date. Of course, we understand that, sometimes, Master’s Men leave ministry opportunities and do not notify TMS. During a job change or move, notifying the alma mater is, understandably, not always high on the priority list. So if you know of a church that is on the Find a Church page, but does not have a TMS alumni serving at it, we encourage you to notify us through the contact form at our website.

Can my church be added to the page if it does not have a TMS graduate serving on its pastoral staff?

No. We gladly acknowledge that many churches in this country, and around the world, are shepherded by godly, biblically sound men who do not have a degree from TMS. But this page is limited to churches where a TMS graduate is on staff.