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The many faithful men and women who support The Master’s Seminary are often asking the development team a simple question, “how is the seminary doing?”

Though the question is simple, so much can go into the answer. Enrollment numbers and revenue reports. Class schedules and student faculty hires. Books published by faculty and resources produced by the staff. Ministries by alumni and the work of our founder and chancellor, John MacArthur. Updates on both the English Master of Divinity program as well as the Spanish program. To talk about all that, to tell the full story of the seminary, a phone call or brief conversation is not enough. To give a full picture of how The Master’s Seminary is doing, the staff needed a resource they could put in people’s hands. That’s why the development team now produces a booklet each summer called the Annual Report.

The 2022 edition of the Annual Report includes several key highlights from the past year, including a letter from our chancellor, John MacArthur. It also has a profile of a current student, Karl Geier, a look at The Master’s Seminary financials, enrollment, and publications. There’s also an update on our distance education department, Spanish department, and so much more.

Of course, the annual report is not just for those who support the ministry financially. It can give anyone a closer look at what the seminary is and how it is doing. We trust that no matter who you are, if you love God’s Word and want to see more men trained for gospel ministry, the annual report will encourage you.

Click here to view the 2022 Annual Report