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Ken Fuller shed a few tears the first time he saw A Cheerful Giver at the film’s premier on November 2nd, 2021.

“It was emotional not just because the film was so well done,” Ken said. “But also because it brought back so many wonderful memories, so many examples of God’s faithfulness over the past 30 years.”

Since the film’s premier, Ken has felt that same sense of gratitude each time he’s shown A Cheerful Giver to friends and family. During each viewing, Ken has marveled at all the Lord has done—and all Ken has experienced—since he joined the foundation 28 years ago.

“The film tells compelling stories of projects The Believer’s Foundation was part of, including the construction of the seminary building, the start of GMI [Grace Ministries International] and TMAI [The Master’s Academy International],” Ken said. “We’ve been blessed to be part of so much gospel ministry over the past three decades. The film was a wonderful reminder of all that ministry, and God’s kindness in allowing our foundation to be part of it.”Jade Greenfield at Shepherd's Conference discussing A Cheerful Giver

Jade Greenfield—Chief Development Officer at The Master’s Seminary and a producer for the film—felt a similar gratitude the night of the film’s premier. It had taken nearly a year to tell the story of the Jaeb family, who started the foundation, and TBF’s impact through the years. but all the effort was worth it when the Jaebs, Fullers, John MacArthur, and hundreds of others who’d benefited from The Believer’s Foundation saw the documentary for the first time.

“The premier of A Cheerful Giver celebrated God’s providence on the big screen,” Jade said, “It also gave our ministries the opportunity to express gratitude for The Believer’s Foundation and the Jaeb Family in a way that was unique and meaningful.”

Twelve months after the premier, both Ken and Jade have seen a resonating impact from the film. Jade has had dozens of conversations with ministry partners around the country who have expressed their appreciation for the documentary as well as those who have made some deliberate changes in their charitable giving. And Ken has had conversations with other families who were inspired by A Cheerful Giver to be more strategic in their giving.  But perhaps the most striking change was described by Graham Kelly, the writer and director of A Cheerful Giver.

“Making the film changed me as a follower of Jesus Christ,” Graham said. “My support and love for the global church has changed because of the opportunity I had to interview Steve and Ken and understand their heart, passion, and investment in the global church. They are humble, encouraging, fun, God-fearing gospel patrons that are examples to so many.”

Since the premier of the film, A Cheerful Giver has been the catalyst for strategic conversations and partnership between the seminary’s supporters and the work being done by The Believers Foundation.  And Jade knows that the story of The Believers Foundation and the Jaeb Family are not the only compelling examples of God’s providential work in the world. He is hopeful that A Cheerful Giver will be the first of many stories to come that can inspire a specific kind of generosity: one that prioritizes gospel proclamation and supports ministries that believe in the power of God’s Word, the effectiveness of verse-by-verse teaching, and the great commission mandate to make disciples throughout the world.

“I’m hopeful that in the coming years, this film will continue to inspire people to invest in the betterment of the global church” Graham said. “I’m thankful for the impact this film has already had and the friendship I now have with the Fuller and Jaeb families.”

If you have not had the opportunity to watch A Cheerful Giver, it’s available free of charge at cheerful-giver.com. a cheerful giver documentary poster