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Today, June 24, 2023, Jack Babbitt, former TMUS board member and long-time ministry partner of the institution and TMAI, celebrates his 100th birthday.

Jack is a World War II veteran. He flew bombers during the war. He is also a successful businessman and a leader with an incredible track record of excellence and service. Alongside the many businesses he has led, Jack has also served in a leadership capacity for many non-profit organizations. He and his wife Jo live in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

In a recent letter to Jack, John MacArthur said, “There are no words for me to express my gratitude for your long faithfulness, trust, and encouragement. We love you greatly and believe the Lord has uniquely used your life and will continue to do so long into the future because of your faithfulness.”

All of us at TMUS honor Jack for his love for Christ, his commitment to Scripture, and his personal character, evidenced over a century of life. For generations to come, TMUS students and alumni will benefit from the Babbitt’s vision, strength, courage and indefatigable passion for training the next generation of leaders

Happy birthday Jack!

The TMUS and TMAI family