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The Master’s Seminary appointed Dr. Nathan LeMaster (Ph.D. Cambridge University) as a full-time faculty member. He will join the Old Testament department and teach a variety of courses, including Advanced Hebrew Readings and Greek Exegesis. Along with his teaching responsibilities, he will continue in his role as Director of Distance Education at TMS, a position he has held since 2017.

A native of Fort Collins, Colorado, Dr. LeMaster was raised in a Christian home and came to faith in Christ during a Vacation Bible School at his home church. In high school, the Lord called him into full-time Christian ministry. He knew he was bound for seminary before he stepped foot on campus at Liberty University for his undergraduate degree. There, he was one of the first graduates from the school’s newly formed linguistic department.

After graduation, Dr. LeMaster chose TMS for its doctrinal statement. The seminary’s theological commitments and consistency aligned with his own. After graduating from TMS with a Master of Divinity degree in 2012, he pursued a master’s degree in linguistics from Arizona State University and served as an interim pastor at his home church in Fort Collins, Colorado. After completing his interim pastor responsibilities, he moved to Jerusalem to attend Hebrew University, where he studied comparative Semitic languages. Not long after graduating from Hebrew University, the Lord took Dr. LeMaster to the northern territory of Iraq, where he pastored a small evangelical church throughout 2016. While in Iraq, he began corresponding with his now wife, Erin. Not long after his ministry in Iraq was finished, the two married and the LeMasters returned to Los Angeles, where Dr. LeMaster became the Director of Distance Education.

The Lord had one more step for the LeMasters before his current position at TMS. In 2018, he entered the Ph.D. program at Cambridge University in England. There he studied Hebrew Linguistics under the direction of Dr. James Aitken, a well-known scholar in linguistics and the Septuagint. Dr. LeMaster’s dissertation focused on the concept of fear within the book of Job, with special emphasis on understanding Job’s theology of the fear of God.

Commenting on Dr. LeMaster’s appointment, Dr. Nathan Busenitz, The Master’s Seminary’s executive vice-president, said, “From his M.Div. studies at TMS, to his Ph.D. at Cambridge, Dr. LeMaster has demonstrated the highest levels of academic aptitude. But more important than that, he exhibits a love for Christ and His Word that I know will bless our students tremendously. As the Director of Distance Education, he has already been a crucial part of our staff and has proven to be an excellent administrator. We are thrilled that he is joining our faculty.”

Throughout his education, Dr. LeMaster has studied both linguistics and exegesis. His exegetical work in the original languages, along with his study in comparative Semitic languages, has strengthened his belief in the inerrancy and veracity of Scripture. As a faculty member, Dr. LeMaster is eager to show his students the overwhelming evidence that the Bible they preach each week is entirely true and trustworthy.