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As announced in October 2018, The Master’s University and Seminary has initiated a leadership transition that will culminate in early 2020. On Monday of this week, the board of directors officially ratified the next step in that transition by unanimously voting to appoint Dr. John MacArthur to the position of Chancellor of TMUS. At the board’s direction, this transition from President to Chancellor will take effect on June 28, 2019. As Chancellor, Dr. MacArthur will be free to personally invest in the institution through his interaction with individual students and their families, staff and ministry partners. In this capacity he will remain connected to TMUS in a way that supports the leadership appointed by the board and provides wisdom and counsel as sought.

For 34 years, John MacArthur has served as the President of TMUS. The board – along with the entire university and seminary family – is profoundly grateful for the labor of love, sacrifice, and wise direction given to the institution by our President. Specifically, the board expresses its gratitude to Dr. MacArthur for his relentless protection of our biblical heritage and his relentless pursuit of excellence in leading TMUS into its future. This gratitude extends to Dr. MacArthur’s willingness and desire to serve in this new capacity as Chancellor. As he has stated in reference to this transition, he is “eager to affirm his love and confidence in the unique ministry of TMUS.” Under his leadership, the institution has grown in both its scope and impact from a local Christian college in 1985 to its current form as a full-fledged Christian university with an international outreach that still unashamedly stands for Christ and Scripture. With close to 10,000 graduates spread across the nation and the world, there is obvious reason to be grateful for the season of Dr. MacArthur’s active leadership in both the university and the seminary. The board looks forward to his continued support of TMUS.

The Presidential search process is moving forward on schedule, and the TMUS board is committed to completing this process in accordance with the plan that was originally presented in October. Dr. MacArthur’s transition to the position of Chancellor is part of that plan and is in keeping with the trajectory of the transition timeline. In the coming weeks, the board will work with the gifted leadership teams at both the university and seminary to appoint interim leadership for the period following Dr. MacArthur’s transition to Chancellor and through the completion of the search process. The board will continue to keep the TMUS community informed as this process moves forward over the ensuing months.