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The Master’s Seminary is thrilled to announce The MacArthur Trust Scholarship, a full-tuition scholarship available to first-year, residential students for the 2021-22 academic year. Students receiving this scholarship will have full-tuition coverage throughout the entirety of their M.Div. studies if they apply each academic year and continue to meet the scholarship’s requirements. Up to 100 residential students can receive this scholarship.

Upon the announcement of the scholarship, Nathan Busenitz, Executive Vice President and Dean of Faculty at The Master’s Seminary, expressed his gratitude on behalf of TMS: “We are thankful that this scholarship will make seminary training immediately accessible as recipients move to Los Angeles and participate in our residential program.”

This scholarship is made possible by generous donors who have committed their lives and livelihood to the task of training men for gospel ministry. They believe The Master’s Seminary is the best place to train for ministry and they want to help men move to Los Angeles and experience all the benefits of in-person education on the campus of Grace Community Church. After graduation, this scholarship will help ensure men begin ministry free of debt.

“In the coming years, this scholarship will ensure that we can train the best candidates for pastoral ministry,” Busenitz said. “And by helping secure the financial stability of the institution, this scholarship also safeguards the theological integrity that has characterized our school for the past 35 years.”

If you have questions about The MacArthur Trust Scholarship, and if you’d like to apply, visit tms.edu/admissions/financial-information/financial-aid. And below is a FAQ section if you have more questions about this new scholarship.

Who is eligible for The MacArthur Trust Scholarship?

Any student beginning his residential training at TMS during the 2021-22 academic year. There are GPA and other application requirements. Those are available on the scholarship application.

Are second, third, and fourth year students eligible for The MacArthur Trust Scholarship?

They are not eligible for The MacArthur Trust Scholarship, but they can apply for all other scholarships offered through TMS.

Are online or distance education students eligible for The MacArthur Trust Scholarship?

Only residential students are eligible. This scholarship makes it more affordable for students to move to Southern California and enjoy in-person education on the campus of Grace Community Church. Online students can apply for the scholarship as soon as they transition to residential education.

Does The MacArthur Trust Scholarship cover student fees?

No. Students who receive the scholarship are still responsible for student fees. For an overview of those fees, visit tms.edu/admissions/financial-information.

Going forward, will this scholarship be available to incoming students each academic year?

Yes. The MacArthur Trust Scholarship will provide full-tuition for up to 100 students in each incoming class.