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When The Master’s Seminary unveiled The Institute for Church Leadership—or ICL as it’s often called—in 2017, the online courses were intended for pastors or men preparing to be leaders in the church. It’s certainly served that purpose over the years. Hundreds of current or future pastors and elders have taken ICL courses on theology, hermeneutics, and pastoral ministry. But over the past eight years, ICL’s ministry has expanded far beyond church leaders. In fact, most students now enrolled in ICL classes are not in a position of leadership at their church or preparing to be in one. They are new believers, teenagers, women, and businessmen, to name a few. What defines the typical ICL student is not how they serve the church—it’s their love for God’s Word and their eagerness to study it in depth. To reflect the broad appeal of these online courses, The Master’s Seminary is changing the name to the Institute for the Christian Life. 

The institute’s new name comes along with a new course, “How to Study Your Bible” with Dr. Brad Klassen, head of the Bible Exposition department at The Master’s Seminary. This course is ideal for any believer who wants to better understand how to read, understand, and apply God’s Word. More courses in Bible exposition, theology, pastoral ministry, and other topics are in the works.  

Of course, the Institute for the Christian Life still provides access to the same classes that have always been part of the institute. For a one-time fee, anyone can take “Hermeneutics” with Dr. Abner Chou, president of The Master’s University and Seminary, “The Reformation” with Dr. Nathan Busenitz, Executive Vice President of The Master’s Seminary, and many other courses from the seminary’s world-class scholars.  

To see the catalog of classes, go to https://institute.tms.edu/library.