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The Volume 33 Number 2, Fall 2022 edition of The Master’s Seminary journal is now available.

The theme is Messiah in the Old Testament. In the journal’s introduction, John MacArthur says this edition will trace the gradual revelation of the Messiah through the Old Testament, from the first mention of Him by God in Genesis 3, until the prophecies about Him in the minor prophets.

The journal editor, Iosif J. Zhakevich, has assembled a group of world-class scholars, including Dr. Abner Chou, Dr. Paul Twiss, Dr. Todd Bolen, Dr. Brian Murphy, David Zadok, and Menachem I. Kalisher. Throughout the journal, these scholars will look at how God addresses the great problem sin presents in Genesis 3—separation from God—through the anticipation of one man who will restore the relationship between God and his image-bearers.

This is an important contribution to Old Testament studies, as well as a helpful resource for any student of Scripture that wants to better understand God’s plan to redeem his people.

A digital copy of the journal is available, free of charge, at tms.edu/educational-resources/journal.