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On Tuesday, October 26th, The Master’s Seminary will host its second TMS day as part of its annual preview weekend.  Any men interested in theological education and pastoral ministry are encouraged to join us for this unique on-campus event that will showcase what it’s like to prepare for ministry at TMS. The day is also designed to encourage our alumni. So any graduates of TMS are invited to join us—to reconnect with professors and fellow Master’s Men—and explore the challenges and blessings of pastoral ministry.

The first TMS day was on October 10th, 2017. It was primarily an online, streaming event. Classes and chapel were livestreamed through social media channels. The second TMS day will have the same online presence and we encourage anyone, whether a prospective student, alumni, or friend of the seminary, to join us. The livestream schedule will include Old and New Testament classes, a preaching lab, chapel, a special Q&A with our chancellor, John MacArthur, and a series of TMS talks from our professors and alumni.

For more information about TMS day, including how to register, go to TMS Day 2021 – The Master’s Seminary Alumni Network.