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The Tyndale Center at The Master’s Seminary is thrilled to release notes that can help Bible translators reproduce the text’s original meaning in any language. 

These notes were created by the world-class faculty at the Tyndale Center: experts in the original languages who oversaw the Legacy Standard Bible Translation. The team is led by Dr. Iosif Zhakevich, director of the Tyndale Center and associate professor of Old Testament at The Master’s Seminary. Other team members include Dr. Abner Chou, president of The Master’s University and Seminary and John F MacArthur Endowed Fellow at The Master’s University; Dr. Mark Zhakevich, associate professor of New Testament and New Testament department chair at The Master’s Seminary; and Dr. Nathan LeMaster, assistant professor of Old Testament at The Master’s Seminary.  

With these notes, any Bible translator can better understand how this translation team made decisions about word choice, sentence structure, and so much more. The goal is to make the translation process easier for translators, no matter the language they are working in. 

Notes for the gospel of Matthew are now available at tyndale.tms.edu. This website will eventually house translation notes for all 66 books of the Bible. Again, that web address is tyndale.tms.edu.  

Of course, the Tyndale Center has a wide range of resources to help Bible translators. Its director, Dr. Iosif Zhakevich, introduces all the Tyndale Center has to offer for Bible translators in the following video. And if you are interested in being part of the Tyndale Center Bible translation emphasis, part of the Master of Divinity degree at TMS, reach out to the TMS admissions team. They can give you more information about this emphasis and the work of Bible translation it prepares students for. Visit the admissions webpage here. You can also email admissions@tms.edu or call 818-909-5624.