Do the Canonical Gospels Reflect Greco-Roman Biography Genre or Are They Modeled after the Old Testament Books?

New Testament interpretation often has been the subject to historical-critical interpretive fads that have no basis in reality or substance throughout history. These fads generate from the liberal critical scholarship in academic circles, then infiltrate evangelical critical scholarship who then imitate their more liberal counterparts. Under the influence of evangelical critical scholars, many conservatives eventually are led to believe that such fads are “normative” when actually they are highly aberrant and designed to be destructive of the biblical text. Today, a fad known as “Greco-Roman biography,” i.e., a form of historiography that is infiltrating conservative scholarship, is making inroads in interpreting the canonical Gospels. Its impact is the reduction of the gospel texts to mere fallible products that reflect standards of ancient historiography where events are fabricated, sayings are invented, or inaccuracies are latent in the text rather than being what they truly are: inerrant texts guided by the Holy Spirit of Truth (John 14:26:16:13; 1 John 4:4–6; Matt. 23:35).

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