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Volume 34, Number 1 — Spring 2023

Busenitz, Nathan and Iosif J. Zhakevich Editorial: The Word of God and the Pastor-Theologian
Lawson, Steven J. The Pastor-Theologian and the Bloodstained Word of God: History of the English Bible and the Death of the Martyrs.
Feinberg, Charles Lee A High View of Scripture: Why We Know the Bible Is the Word of God .
Duncan, Austin T. The Call to Ministry and the Plattered Head
Chou, Abner The Hermeneutics of the Pastor-Theologian
Busenitz, Irvin A. Lifting the Veil: Original Languages and the Pastor-Theologian
Thomas, Robert L. Exegesis and Expository Preaching
Thomas, Robert L. The Pastor’s Study: A Conversation with John MacArthur .
Montoya, Alex D. Preaching and the Pastor-Theologian
Johnson, Jesse The Leadership of the Pastor-Theologian: Guiding the Church to Gaze upon Christ
Johnson, Phil Guarding the Flock and Defending the Faith
Coates, James The Courage of the Pastor-Theologian
Duncan, Ligon The Pastor-Theologian and True Worship
Hargrove, Carl A. The Private Life of the Pastor-Theologian: How John F. MacArthur Encourages Godliness in the Lives of Pastor-Theologians
Mayhue, Richard The Importance of a Unified Doctrinal Statement for The Master’s Seminary and for Training Pastor-Teachers
Ferguson, Sinclair John Owen: Pastor-Theologian
Beeke, Joel R. and Paul M. Smalley William Perkins on the Calling of a Gospel Minister
Barrick, William D. Ezra: A Preacher-Theologian in the Old Testament.
Klassen, Brad Paul as Pastor-Teacher: Essential Qualities from 1 Thessalonians 2:1–12.
Charles, H.B., Jr. Jesus: The Ultimate Preacher


Volume 29, Number 2 — Fall 2018

Volume 29, Number 1 — Spring 2018

Volume 15, Number 2 — Fall 2004

Volume 11, Number 2 — Fall 2000

Pettegrew, Larry D. Theological Basis of Ethics
Montoya, Alex D. Homosexuality and the Church
Grisanti, Michael A. The Abortion Dilemma
Essex, Keith H. Euthanasia
Barrick, William D. The Christian and War
Swanson, Dennis M. Bibliography of Works on Christian Ethics

Volume 10, Number 2 — Fall 1999

Volume 9, Number 2 — Fall 1998

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