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The Master’s Seminary Journal is published semiannually. Those who subscribe between October 1 – January 31 will receive the Spring/Fall editions; those who subscribe between February 1 – September 30 will receive Fall/Spring issues.

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Important Information About TMSJ Subscriptions 

Subscriptions are non-refundable.

Back issues must be ordered separately by emailing the tmslibrary@tms.edu.

Access to the TMSJ digital archive is available to all free of charge, no subscription is necessary. 

All payments to receive a full issue (Spring/Fall) must be paid before January 1st. Any payment received on January 1st or later will only receive the Fall subscription and will only be charged a prorated amount. Any payment received after October 1st will be for the following year’s subscriptions.
The expected dates of publication are March (No. 1) and October (No. 2). 

For domestic orders, please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery from the publication date. For international orders, please allow 6-8 weeks from the publication date. However, if after this time you still have not received your journal, you may file a missing issue claim. Claims should be issued within six months of publication date. (Please do not make claims for issues over 1 year old.) Please note that in our experience international mailing is proving to be a problem over which we have little control. We regret to say that for international mailings we must have a policy of honoring a maximum of one claim per issue on missing journals. TMSJ does not replace or refund issues that have gone missing after they have been received. 

If you need to contact us, you may do so by email. Please be aware that our office has limited hours. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. The quickest and most expedient way to resolve your concern is by emailing journal@tms.edu