Israel Study Trip

Travel to Israel with TMS

Spend three weeks in the land of Israel and learn how the geography, topography, archaeology, and history of Israel shed light on our understanding of Scripture.

Trip guide and chair of the Old Testament department, Dr. Michael Grisanti, studied at the Institute of Holy Land Studies (now Jerusalem University College) and has led over thirty trips to Israel. Dr. Grisanti will lead excursions and lectures along the way.

Extend your trip an extra week and work alongside the archaeological staff from the Associates of Biblical Research at their Tel Shiloh dig.

Important Considerations

  • In order for Dr. Grisanti to act as the official trip guide, without an Israeli guide present, everyone will be considered his students and therefore required to participate in lectures and exams. The exams will be straightforward and there will be review sessions to prepare beforehand. However, you will not be required to receive academic credit for the trip.
  • Be prepared for full days of walking (including steps up and down). You will be tired at the end of the day but will be overjoyed at what you are learning and blessed by the fellowship of fellow-students of the Word. To prepare for the trip, plan on getting a good set of walking shoes and put together a walking regimen.
  • Participants need to be in general agreement with TMS’s doctrinal statement. Teaching will be from a futuristic or dispensational, premillennial perspective, expecting the nation of Israel (made up of believing Israelites) to be established once again in the land of promise. Questions about this can be directed to Dr. Grisanti.
  • Many people have concerns about the safety of traveling to Israel. Consider this helpful article on the topic, Is it Safe to Travel to Israel?

2022 TMS Israel Study Trip Overview 

Trip Date: May 9–30, 2022

**We are spending one more day in Israel on this year’s trip than previous years.  Dr. Grisanti wanted to make sure we could visit two important sites we generally never see on our TMS trip:  Shechem and Samaria.  The last Sunday (May 29) will be a free day in Jerusalem for many of the participants.  Participants who want to work on the Shiloh dig or go on the Jordan extension trip (see below) will begin those endeavors on May 29 and 30 (respectively).

Full Trip Cost: $4,200 for TMS students. See Trip Details for cost factors.

Registration Deadline: December 3rd, 2021

Registration Details: To register, submit a $500 deposit and the Registration Form. There are 45 spots available for the Israel Study Trip. First preference is given to TMS students, alumni, and their wives. Others who register will be put on a waitlist until December 3, 2021. Registration deposits will be refunded if the trip reaches capacity.

If you signed up for the May 2022 trip which we had to cancel because Israel had not opened to visitors yet, you will be added to the trip roster instead of a waiting list

More Information

As the trip gets closer, study suggestions will be emailed to everyone who registers so that they can adequately prepare.

  • Trip Details
  • Israel Trip FAQ’s
  • Scholarship Details
  • Sample Itinerary—I am still working on details for the May 2022 Israel trip and will send trip participants an itinerary a month or two before departure.  It will follow the broad outline of the itinerary provided here as a sample.
  • Handout provided to TMS students at one of our chapels—condensed version of trip summary

Register for the Trip

Register for the trip by completing the following forms.

Special Note for people who were signed up for the 2020 and 2021 Israel trips, which were cancelled. With a backlog of two years of trip participants, I expect the trip to fill up:

  1. TMS students- submit your registration form and deposit by October 15 to make sure you have a spot on the trip. If you were “awarded” a trip scholarship (just for LA full-time TMS students) and you do not submit your deposit and trip registration by October 15, I WILL NOT hold your scholarship after that date. No exceptions.
  2. Non-TMS students- submit your registration form and deposit by October 1 and you will be placed on the trip roster and not on a waiting list. After October 1, I will put you on the trip waiting list. If you have friends who want to be on the 2022 trip and did not sign up for the 2021 trip, I will put them on a waiting list.  When you submit your registration form and deposit will be my first consideration for moving people from the waiting list to the trip roster.  Yes, in the Bible “the first will be last”.  But with trips, “first come, first served”. As I say later in the Trip Details material, if you do not make it to the trip roster, TMS will refund your deposit.


Dr. Michael Grisanti,  Director of Israel Study Trip
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Christine Dixon, TMS Israel trip administrative assistant
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