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When The Master’s Seminary begins its 37th academic year next month, Nathan Myers will be one of the hundreds of students preparing for pastoral ministry on the campus of Grace Community Church. Nathan moved from the east coast to Los Angeles this January to attend TMS. Prior to the move, he pastored a church in Pennsylvania. Several years into his ministry, he realized he needed more training. He knew about The Master’s Seminary, but he didn’t think he and his wife could afford to live in Los Angeles and pay for tuition. He didn’t seriously consider attending TMS until he heard about a scholarship. 

“I wouldn’t be at TMS if it wasn’t for that scholarship” Nathan said. “It paid for my tuition, which made it possible for my wife and I to relocate as I study and train for ministry.”  

Nathan is one of dozens of students who will attend TMS this fall with the help of a scholarship. Like Nathan, many of these future pastors wouldn’t be receiving a world-class theological education if it wasn’t for the generosity of donors who fund those scholarships. 

“Our donors have ensured that world-class theological education and pastoral preparation is accessible to anyone who wishes to study here in Southern California,” Jade Greenfield said, the Chief Development Officer at TMS. “I’d encourage anyone considering pastoral ministry to get in touch with our admissions office. Let’s start the conversation. Don’t let concerns about affordability keep you from considering TMS.”   

Jade’s own education at TMS was made possible in part by scholarships.  He moved his family from Idaho to Southern California in 2010 to attend TMS. The scholarships he was awarded ensured his family was financially stable throughout his seminary career.

“I honestly don’t know if seminary would have been possible if I hadn’t applied for those scholarships,” Jade said, “Now that I have the privilege of working with our ministry partners, I not only get to say thank you for what they did for me, I also get to come alongside them as they commit their resources to what I believe is the church’s most critical task: training the next generation of church pastors and leaders.” 

With just over a month until the start of the academic year, many incoming and current students have already received scholarship funding for the fall. For incoming students, there are still scholarships available that help with tuition and cost-of-living expenses. For someone who is still thinking about TMS, who would love to attend but doesn’t think they can afford to, Jade has a simple request. “Pick up the phone. Call us. Talk to one of our counselors. They will help you identify the right scholarship to apply for and navigate all the logistics that come with attending TMS. If God wants you at TMS, he will provide the resources.”  

Below is a brief description of the full-tuition and cost-of-living scholarships available for new students at TMS. For a complete list of scholarships, go to https://tms.edu/admissions/tuition-financial-aid/.  


Richard Mayhue Honors Scholarship: tuition free-seminary education that allows students to take classes during the winter and summer to earn a degree in 7 semesters. https://tms.edu/scholarships/richard-mayhue-honors-scholarship/


The MacArthur Trust Scholarship: a full-tuition scholarship that enables new students to receive a premier theological education without being encumbered by student debt. https://tms.edu/scholarships/the-macarthur-trust-scholarship/ 


Full-Time Resident Scholarship: an award available to full-time students in the Master of Divinity and Bachelor of Theology programs at the Los Angeles campus. https://tms.edu/scholarships/full-time-residential-scholarship/ 


Housing Scholarship: In partnership with PAC properties, this scholarship alleviates the financial burden of attending seminary in Los Angeles by reducing the monthly housing costs. https://tms.edu/scholarships/housing-scholarship/ 


International Cost of Living Scholarship: exclusively for international students who move to the Los Angeles campus to study in residence for the Master of Divinity and Bachelor of Theology programs. https://tms.edu/scholarships/international-cost-of-living-scholarship/ 


To begin a conversation with an admissions counselor or learn more about TMS programs,

email admissions@tms.edu or call 818-909-5625