You Can Afford Seminary

As you consider training for ministry at The Master’s Seminary, we know there will be many factors in your decision. Employment, housing, and tuition will likely be near the top of your list. Finding solutions can certainly be challenging, but if God has called you to the work of the ministry, He will also provide. And as you look for a job, a place to live, and the funds for tuition, the staff, faculty, and students of TMS are eager to walk alongside you as He equips you for gospel ministry.  


Finding Employment 

At The Master’s Seminary, on-campus classes are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays. This makes it possible for students to work the rest of the week. For those needing to work full-time, TMS offers a five-year M.Div. track that combines online and Saturday classes.  

A number of employment opportunities are available through The Master’s University and Seminary, Grace Community Church, and Grace to You. Many of these opportunities come with significant tuition benefits for student-workers. These positions include pastoral internships, custodial staff, security team, marketing, admissions counselors, youth ministry workers, and more. Students’ wives are encouraged to apply for these positions as well. 

Through the 6,000 members at Grace Community Church, there is a vast network of generous, hardworking people. Getting involved at church is actually one of the best ways to find employment. Many opportunities are listed on the GCC Opportunity Sheet and TMS Weekly newsletters. 


Finding Housing

 Most students choose to live in the area surrounding The Master’s Seminary. This includes Northridge, Granada Hills, Encino, Sherman Oaks, North Hollywood, Burbank, Glendale, Simi Valley, and the Santa Clarita Valley. The average rent is between $1,500 to $2,500 per month for one and two bedrooms apartments.  

To help students combat the expense, the seminary offers a renewable housing scholarship in partnership with PAC Properties. Single students share apartments and houses, seminary families live in the same apartment complexes, and some find apartment management positions that offer housing and employment. Students also take advantage of the opportunities listed on the GCC Opportunity Sheet and TMS Weekly. 

Paying Tuition

The cost of higher education is expensive no matter where you study. We strive to make TMS affordable. Alumni should not be hindered by debt when they graduate.  

Our ministry partners enable us to offer every Master of Divinity student the Full-Time Residential Scholarship. Just by attending TMS full-time (11 units or more) in Los Angeles, your cost is reduced from $450/unit to $295/unit and your estimated cost per semester is $3,245 instead of $4,950. This does not take into account any other scholarship you may be awarded.  

While the majority of funds are reserved for students who have completed at least one or two semesters of coursework, the following scholarships are available to incoming Master of Divinity students. These scholarships are awarded in addition to the Full-Time Residential Scholarship. 

View all financial aid information here. 

You Can Afford Seminary 

Finances are of little consequence to the God who holds the depths of the earth and the heights of the mountains in His hand. If He has called you to this training, He will provide the means for you to attain it. Watch our student’s testimonies to hear numerous examples of His faithfulness in their lives. 

While the need to exercise wisdom in making financial decisions is imperative, do not make the mistake of allowing financial fears to keep you from preparing for your calling. Seminary is a sacrifice, but it is a sacrifice for a season. The investment you make in this training will pay ministerial dividends for a lifetime.  

If you have financial questions or concerns about life in Los Angeles, schedule a call with our admissions team. We would love to support you through this process. 

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